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AutoHotkey is a free program that allows you to assign shortcut keys to individual applications on your keyboard.

The product is as easy to use as it is powerful. It uses a simple but powerful hotkey (shortcut key) scripting language for Windows, which supports the simultaneous addition of new functions to a keyboard, mouse, joystick.

If you encounter any difficulties, the authors have included a detailed guide. AutoHotkey is an open source application that will help you automate almost anything in Windows by attaching commands and macros to specific keys, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse actions.

The program can also perform the function of autocomplete, ie. if you write the beginning of a word or an abbreviation, it automatically completes it or spells the word you want.

You can also change the functions of each mouse button or button and many other useful options

The AutoHotkey package also includes a compiler for the scripts. 

License: Freeware.

Changes in AutoHotkey

Fixed joystick hotkeys (broken by v1.1.33.05).

Official page


Download: AutoHotkey (3.11 MB)

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