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BluffTitler 15.5

BluffTitler 15.1

BluffTitler is a program for creating beautiful animated and non-animated effects and captions.

The animations created in the application can be easily and quickly added to projects created in Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio and other video editors.

You can determine the background, font, placement of letters in space and relative to each other, color, light, relief, texture and movement of the inscription and more. and create a spectacular 3D animated caption in minutes. License: Paid (Shareware).

ADVANCED Codecs 17.1.9 | Portable

What’s New in BluffTitler 15.5:

  • Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Deutsch, English, Francais, Korean, Kreyol, Magyar, Nederlands, Russian, Spanish, Suomi, Slovenian & Turkish
  • Support for OBJ / MTL files.
  • New layer: Robotic arm layer
  • Improved quality shadow maps (Cascading Shadow Maps).
  • WASD control: move camera with keys, games style!
  • 13 new effects: Shine, Text / Highlighter, Special / Dino, Special / Drone, Special / WireframePlus, System / UVMap, ProceduralTextures / ShinePlus, ProceduralTextures / Gradient, ProceduralTextures / Gradient_Additive, ProceduralTextures / ControlPanel_Earth, ProceduralTexturesPranelTextures / ControlPanel_Earth ProceduralTextures / ControlPanel_Network
  • 8 new styles in the picture layer: Hemisphere,, Balloon,, Rounded cube,, Pyramid,, Diamond,, Chip,, Star 3D & Light beam
  • 4 new styles in the model layer: Vertical align top,, Vertical align center,, Vertical align bottom & Not aligned
  • 1 new style in the particle layer: 3D circles
  • 1 new style in the plasma layer: Max displacement
  • 1 new style in the sketch layer: Single sided
  • Redesign timeline
  • Support for HDR DDS files, flat and cubemaps
  • Mouse wheel control timeline slider
  • Improved templates & thumbnails
  • When tabbing to the next textbox property, the textbox not only has the focus, but its text is also fully selected
  • New preset in FILE> Set show resolution… dialog: QHD (2560 x 1440)
  • When adjusting a property with the All keys checkbox marked, only the adjusted component (X, Y or Z) is adjusted in the other keys
  • When the All layers checkbox is marked, only the visible layers are affected
  • Export as transparent WebM (requires an external video encoder)
  • New property in camera layer: Color
  • Improved Bix model. UV mapping slightly changed for easier editing
  • Save active colormap layer as picture by choosing FILE> Export as picture…
  • Save active cubemap layer as 360 ° photo by choosing FILE> Export as picture…
  • 2 new effect properties in Special / Bix: the 2nd slider of the FX Period, Mouth property opens his mouth and the 2nd slider of the FX Leg rotation spreads the leg
  • New effect property in Special / RotateTowardsCamera, Special / RotateTowardsCameraAdditive & Special / RotateTowardsCameraSubtractive: FX Roll
  • New effect property in Special / UVMapper & Special / UVMapperAdditive: FX Character index offset
  • New effect property in ProceduralTextures / Horizon: FX Noise. This fights MP4 banding
  • New effect properties in Filters / Blobs: FX Style and others
  • New effect property in Filters / ShutterBlades: FX Background transparency
  • New effect property in ProceduralTextures / ControlPanel: FX Background transparency
  • New effect property in Filters / WhiteBorder: FX Clip
  • New effect property in Special / NormalMapper: FX Space
  • New effect property in AdvancedMaterials / ColourmapFrontReflectionmapSides and AdvancedMaterials / ColourmapFrontCubemapSides: FX Mirror
  • New effect property in Filters / SoftBorder: FX Noise
  • New option in LAYER> Active layer properties… dialogue: Sort elements
  • Max vertices increased from 200,000 to 300,000
  • New keyboard shortcut: +, toggles visibility active layer
  • Possibility to attach a plasma layer to a container layer
  • Support for EPS files created by Affinity Designer
  • More descriptive DirectShow errors
  • compatibility fix: no mesh explosion when using Model repeat prop in picture layer
  • bugfix: scroller keeps on scrolling in playlist without hiccups
  • bugfix: editing texts longer than 512 characters in textbox on tool window now works as expected
  • bugfix: the Picture / SpotlightCone effect now listens to the Transparency property
  • bugfix: the Scroller layer style 3D IN BACKGROUND now works as expected
  • bugfix: sampling artifacts cloth effect picture layer have been removed
  • bugfix: you can now detach a camera layer from a container layer
  • 2 old effects converted: V11 / V11_Mirror8 & V11 / V11_PricklyPearReflection

Official page

Download: BluffTitler 15.5 (51.1 MB)

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