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Calendarscope 11.1 Final

Calendarscope is a convenient organizer, with the help of which you will quickly and easily organize your daily life.

Write down all the important dates that are important to you (birthdays and name days, anniversaries, etc.), add your appointments and tasks, and now put the days for vacation and rest… and you get a colorful calendar.

For each of these things the program will make sure you do not forget. It will encrypt the information you enter so that no one but you can access your organizer.

The function for synchronizing tasks and events with a mobile device such as Palm, for example, is also convenient.

License: Paid (Shareware).

You can learn more about Calendarscope from our article Calendarscope – installation and configuration.

Whats New in Calendarscope 11.1 Final:

  • Improved Google Calendar support
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Calendarscope Portable Edition 11.1 is now available for downloading
  • HandySync for Google 6.1 is now available for downloading

Official page


Download: Calendar 11.1 (7.49 MB)

Download: Calendarscope Portable 11.1.0 (8.19 MB)

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