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Coollector 4.19.2


Coollector is a program with which you can organize your video collection. The program consists of three main categories: an encyclopedia of films and artists (more than 50,000 films and over 109,000 artists); a catalog in which you will be able to organize your entire collection of movies (DVD, VHS, etc.), as well as borrowed and rented movies; a movie search engine that automatically searches for the best possible offer.

Coollector contains its own database of movies that you can search at any time. You can rate, keep track of which movies you’ve watched, note whether you own the movie in question and in what edition, who you lent it to, find movies you like, and more, and more… You can also associate videos with the program to play them directly through it.

Coollector is value creation for every connoisseur of the seventh art and/or film collector. The program is very easy to use and will not bother novice users.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Official page


Coollector 4.19.2 Windows (191 MB)

Coollector 4.19.2 Portable Windows (191 MB)

Coollector 4.19.2 MacOS (251 MB)

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