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Corel VideoStudio 2023

Corel VideoStudio 2022 is a video editor that does everything. It’s lightning-fast software with a plethora of user-friendly features. Creative editing, complex effects, screen recording, interactive online video, and comprehensive disc creation are all included.

Everything from family videos and slideshows to amusing stop-motion animations and screen recordings of presentations is possible with the program.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

With professional video editing tools, Ultra HD (4K) capabilities, and revolutionary Motion Tracking technology, you can captivate your audience. Share your movies on the web, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and mobile devices with native HTML5 video compatibility.

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Advanced compositing and excellent creative effects can let you become creative. With unmatched speed, tap into the full potential of your multi-core CPU. Examine the advantages of FastFlick. It’s a simple three-step process for swiftly creating and sharing great-looking videos in less time.

With the ability to upscale HD to 4K or render 4K projects quicker, you may enjoy additional performance advantages. Make something for YouTube or DVD, for work or pleasure. Make bringing your perfect video vision to any screen easy and enjoyable.

With new time-saving tools, you can work quicker and concentrate on the creative aspects of your project. With Audio Ducking, you can get professional-sounding audio. It changes the background sound automatically to keep the speech or narration clear. It’s also a lot simpler to keep track of the clips you’ve used, reuse clips from previous projects, and store and reuse custom Filters and Transitions.

With advancements in playback and rendering, Corel VideoStudio 2022 builds on its renowned 64-bit performance. Furthermore, 4K hardware acceleration speeds up 4K and HD rendering by over 400% compared to the previous edition. With XAVC S support, you can stay up with the newest video camera standards for stunningly spectacular movies.

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Enhance your video with Corel VideoStudio 2022’s updated effects. Increase the amount of control you have over how overlays blend in with the backdrop. Use Video Masking and Freeze Frame to create unique effects. For professional results, convert titles to Alpha Channel files. NewBlue also offers over 100 presets in ten plugins.

Corel VideoStudio 2022 Pro Features

  • Multi-Camera Editor.
  • FastFlick template creation.
  • Optimized for 6th Gen Intel chips
  • HEVC support
  • Normalize Audio.
  • Audio Ducking.
  • Motion Tracking.
  • Media Library management.
  • Enhanced! Timeline.
  • Creative overlays.
  • Freeze frame.
  • Stop motion animation.
  • Variable speed.
  • Easy fades and transitions.
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials.
  • NewBlue TitlerEX.
  • Advanced customizable motion controls.
  • Subtitle Editor.
  • Multi-Trim.
  • Screen Capture.
  • Thumbnail Ticking.
  • Save your Favorites.
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • FastFlick easy slideshows and videos
  • Instant Projects
  • Slideshows that impress
  • Easy 1-2-3 workflow
  • VideoStudio MyDVD
  • Integrated Audio Library
  • Time-lapse / Strobe Effect
  • Learning resources
  • XAVC S
  • Create videos for mobile devices
  • Complete disc authoring + video editing in one
  • Ready to share

Extra Features in Corel VideoStudio 2022 Ultimate

  • MXF support. Compatibility is enhanced with new support for XAVC files with MXF format from various professional camcorders.
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials. Quickly add high-end effects to your videos with Auto Pan, Gradient Fill Pro, Quick Pixelator, Picture-in-Picture, color correction tools and more.
  • Boris Graffiti 7 Titles. With new title templates, you can easily make sophisticated title animations. Such as type on text, text on a path, jitter, and randomization.
  • proDAD Adorage Starter Pack. Get creative with over 150 effects and transitions that help you create high-quality trailers, transitions, credits, and more.
  • NewBlue FX Essentials. Solve every day production problems and boost creativity with dozens of image-enhancing presets. Turn day into night, create reflections, touch up skin, enhance color and tone, and more.
  • proDAD Mercalli SE. Get video stabilization capabilities that ensure rock-steady video, no matter how fast the action. Rolling-shutter compensation removes wobble and skew caused when panning.
  • NewBlue FX Motion Effects. This popular plugin helps you correct common problems. Also, it lets you make videos clearer with more than 100 presets in 10 incredibly efficient tools.
  • proDAD VitaScene LE. Offers more than 100 broadcast-quality fully customizable professional effects, filters, and image enhancements.
  • proDAD Handscript Animation. Now you can instant turn your titles into realistic, near-magical onscreen handwriting!
  • NewBlue FX ColorFast. This integrated plug-in streamlines color correction and color grading in one simple workflow.
  • proDAD RotoPen. Animated pen effects let you draw on maps, illustrate with light or video Also it lets you apply animated pen effects to any path.
  • NewBlue Background Generator. Easily magnify and alter an image from your video into a beautiful backdrop. Also complete with a perpetual panning motion. Adjust magnify, sharpness, color and more to suit your needs.


Size: 6.98 MB

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