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CrystalDiskInfo 8.17.1

CrystalDiskInfo 8.13.1

CrystalDiskInfo is a useful utility for testing hard drives that support SMART technology.

With the help of CrystalDiskInfo, it is possible to monitor hard disks and assess their condition. CrystalDiskInfo can work with external drives, and its rich capabilities rank it as one of the best programs in this category.

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CrystalDiskInfo displays detailed information about hard drives (firmware version, serial number, total uptime) and can display self-diagnostic parameters (read errors, performance, spindle start/stop, track search time, number of start cycles/exclusion, sector errors, etc.). NVMe support has been improved in the new version.

License: Freeware.

What’s New in CrystalDiskInfo 8.16.0

  • Improved 128 drives support
  • Improved SanDisk USB Memory support
  • Added language file (Galician)
  • Updated language files

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CrystalDiskInfo 8.17.1 (4.52 MB)

CrystalDiskInfo 8.17.1 Portable

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