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Windows Repair 4.13.0 (All In One)

Windows Repair (All In One) is a free all-in-one tool that can repair numerous faults that arise when using the Windows operating system, such as registry errors and difficulties with the Internet Explorer web browser, Windows Update updates, and operating system firewall issues.

Windows Repair 4.13.0 (All In One)

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Windows Repair (All In One) offers capabilities that frequently prevent the user from having to reinstall Windows.

Features of Windows Repair (All In One)

  • removal of added access rights from the registry,
  • WMI recovery
  • Hosts file recovery,
  • removing restrictions imposed by malicious programs,
  • restoration of short roads,
  • restore Windows cache as well as DNS cache
  • remove temporary files
  • restore Windows Updates and others. License: Freeware.

What’s New in Windows Repair (All In One) 4.13.0

Added Windows 11 support
Updated default registry and file permissions for Windows 8.1, 10 and 11
Restored the Repair App store. The repair has been redone from scratch and is enabled in the repairs again.
Multiple small bug fixes and a lot of code improvements.

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Windows Repair (All In One) 4.13.0

Windows Repair (All In One) Portable

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