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CSS HTML Validator 21.01

CSS HTML Validator is both a powerful tool for checking the correctness of written code in HTML-pages and an editor for writing HTML-code. The creators of CSS HTML Validator claim that their offline version is much better than the online validators offered.

CSS HTML Validator contains a full-featured HTML and text editor and checks HTML pages for code errors, spelling errors in tags and website attributes. The program detects unnecessarily open or closed tags, attributes with lowercase and uppercase letters, attribute quotes and performs a complete syntactic check of the written HTML-code. CSS HTML Validator checks external and internal links, allows batch file validation mode that can be launched with one click.
License: Paid (Trial).

New Features in CSS HTML Validator 21.01

  • Editor: Added new  Response  tab in the  Results Window  to show server response for documents opened via URL (this new tab will only appear when relevant)
  • Editor: Selecting the  Line  tab in the  Results Window  and scrolling through lines in the document now shows all messages in the  Message Window  (instead of only 1 message)
  • CSS Validator: Fixed a rare CSS escape sequence parsing bug
  • CSS Validator: Added support for  place-self ,  scroll-snap-margin-top ,  text-underline-offset  properties
  • CSS Validator: Added support for  ascent-override ,  descent-override ,  line-gap-override  descriptors
  • CSS Validator: Updates for several properties
  • Improved various HTML and CSS messages, and added some new checks
  • HTTP Headers: Added support for Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy, Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy headers
  • Updated  Node.js  to 12.21.0 and other components
  • Other miscellaneous updates

Official page

Download: CSS HTML Validator 21.01 (29.6 MB)
Download: CSS HTML Validator 21.00 (29.7 MB)

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