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Discord Chat 1.0.9003

Discord Chat 1.0.9003

Discord Chat is a free audio and text chat program designed for gamers.

Discord Chat provides data and traffic protection and can work with desktops as well as smartphones and other mobile devices. Online games have become especially popular recently, and with them came the need for more efficient and convenient communication than ordinary chat can provide.

Discord Chat allows you to create channels with voice chat for communication within a group; it is possible to share video, images and text; send direct messages to the whole group.

According to some data, Dscord Chat servers support up to 5,000 participants per channel. Working with the program is quite easy and pleasant, and the interface will not be difficult for beginners.

License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: Discord Chat 1.0.9003 for Windows (79.1 MB)

Download: Discord Chat for MacOS (80.1 MB)

Download: Discord Chat for Android

Download: Discord Chat for Apple iOS

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