DiskPulse 8/13/16

DiskPulse monitors and shows you all changes to added or deleted files on your disks or selected folders, which helps you understand what and which program is adding files without your knowledge.

You can easily and quickly view statistics of all changes, export them to a database, or receive email notifications of unusual activity in your system folders.

Disk Pulse examines and shows changes in disk performance. This is useful to know the condition of the hard disk, as well as to take into account any unusual activity due to, for example, the operation of viruses.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in DiskPulse 8/13/16

Official page

Download: DiskPulse 13.8.16 for Windows 32-bit (6.22 MB)

Download: DiskPulse 13.8.16 for Windows 64-bit (6.65 MB)

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