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Ditto Final

Ditto is a free program that will make your clipboard bottomless. It expands its capacity to infinity, so you can store any information in it in the form of separate tables, numbered in the order of their creation and also independent (each table is a copied object and can be pasted independently of the others) .

Ditto allows searching of stored data; supports copying to a clipboard of any information – text, images, documents, random files, etc. You can use “hot keys” to control the program; has an option for automatic update; allows drag & drop.

The biggest advantage of the product is the Friends Tab function, through which the content of the clipboard is exchanged directly on the network – between the individual computers in it. For example, you will be able to send copied text to your clipboard to a remote computer via Ditto. And the copy of the product installed there will take care of arranging and storing the received data.

You can store any information – text, images, documents, random files, and later you have easy access to each stored item.

Ditto provides easy access from an icon in the Notification Area or via hotkeys, displays thumbnails of all stored images, and offers full Unicode support. The program has an easy to learn and use interface.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Final:

Added the ability to set a custom name for the drag file name (F4)
Added character and word count to tooltip footer
Allow tiny xml to load files with unicode paths
Added save delay option to advanced options
Enable control back space in the search edit box
Added / n to set the file drag and drop file name
Fixed issue with exporting lcip to google translate
Fix for registering global clips with long descriptions
Added AppVersion to installer
fixed issue AsciiTextReplaceRegex not working
Update about email and web site url
Updated unicode / ansi / utf8 macros – fixed issue with only having cf_text set if there is an on copy script
Refresh the description after the OnCopyScript
Removed control key check when setting focus to the search bar
Select index position after pasting
Set created data time when creating clips by new clip window – show quick paste text in delete clips window
Added option Disable Friends to the advanced options dialog

Official page

Download: Ditto Final for Windows 32-bit (4.72 MB)

Download: Ditto Final for Windows 64-bit (5.15 MB)

Download: Ditto Portable Final for Windows 32-bit (4.21 MB)

Download: Ditto Portable Final for Windows 64-bit (4.75 MB)

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