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Dooble v2021.02.20

Dooble is a relatively new browser based on the engine used by Chromium, Google Chrome and Safari, which, according to its creators, is characterized by stability and security and which, according to its creators, does not record or send data about user behavior. It has a built-in file manager, FTP browser, the ability to block pop-ups; also supports skins. Developed for Windows and Linux.

Dooble Web Browser is an Internet browser. It is a very light and clean browser for browsing the Internet, offering you memory saving, integrated file manager and FTP client for file transfer, option to use plug-ins, choice of appearance and much more. The program is “Open Source” and is free. License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Dooble 2021.02.20:

  • Display SHA3 sum of current executable in About.
    • Debian: 0ec953ddbb3e96792db468de91673977c347d086e95618cb186a5161faea49b53a8518f0571a987032e472cf6d3786a2c95feb9d5c1623f02488de75c217d940
    • MacOS: 934f81ad500bbe9e558d424b979101142d0bfe494660ced9b91d18e1b4f44596b37d70419c3085451ba6205920cac5bc839818c08dee81b234a3c1be94f49d9f
  • Icon Set option: Material Design or System.
  • Optional recording of favicons.
  • Terminate Dooble upon closing of last Dooble window.

Official page

Download: Dooble 2021.02.20 for Windows (122 MB)

Download: Dooble 2021.02.20 for Linux (93.2 MB)

Download: Dooble 2021.02.20 for MacOS (131 MB)

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