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Everything v1.4.1.1004 Final

Everything is a search engine for very fast finding of files and folders by their names in the local disks of the computer. Everything compiles an index of all the files in the system, thanks to which the search is almost instantaneous. Folders and files selected by the user can be excluded from the search, and by default the program searches all folders in all disks.

Everything can also work as a local server. In this case, the search is done through the browser screen. Everything is very small, with low system resource requirements, and builds the index quickly – a few seconds for hundreds of gigabytes of files.

In the new version of Everything, it is possible to use wildcards everywhere, keep the search history and more.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in Everything Final:

added to http server

Official page
Download: Everything Final for Windows 32-bit (1.48 MB)
Download: Everything Final for Windows 64-bit (1.58 MB)

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