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GClean 2022.222.02

GClean 2022.222.02

Google offers a large number of really useful and good programs that are preferred by many users. Google Chrome, Picasa, and Google Earth are the most common of these. But being free comes at a price. They have built-in various hidden functions and analysis mechanisms. They create a profile, record and send data about your behavior to Google. Many websites retain the so-called Google Tracking Cookies on your computer. The program removes cookies from Google Chrome, Google Trackings and information about your favorite videos on YouTube.

With GClean, you can easily and quickly turn off these tools created by Google. You can also clear the program cache, delete the unique ID you received for easier tracking from Google, or simply disable the collection of data from the Google applications you use.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Official page

Download: GClean 2022.222.02 (9.67 MB)

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