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GreenCloud Printer

GreenCloud Printer is a universal “environmentally friendly” printer driver that, according to its creators, works with any printer.

GreenCloud Printer saves paper and toner, creates PDF documents, prints multiple pages on a single sheet, and sends any document to the manufacturer’s cloud.

Key features of GreenCloud Printer:

  • more convenient preliminary type of documents;
  • removing unnecessary pages from the queue;
  • combining 1, 2 and 4 pages on one sheet in the form of a table;
  • print as a PDF file created by GreenCloud Printer;
  • direct printing by the online editors of Dropbox, Google Docs, (by creating a PDF document);
  • double-sided printing; black and white mode; optimized ink and paper consumption.
    License: Freeware.

Changes in GreenCloud Printer

– improve responsiveness during printing
– printing process can be canceled now
– some custom printer driver settings may have been ignored when set from within GreenCloud
– add workaround if “Page count doesn’t match” error is encountered

Official page
Download: GreenCloud Printer (16.4 MB)

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