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HDCleaner 2.0.27

Over time, using Windows on your hard drive accumulates a lot of unnecessary files, which slowly slows down the operating system. HDCleaner is a small and convenient program that will clean your computer of all these files.


HDCleaner uses special technology developed for the US Department of the Interior. With its help, you will clean and optimize your computer beyond recognition.

HDCleaner is used to detect, display and delete unnecessary files located on your hard drive. The program specializes in garbage disposal in the format BAK, CHK, GID, ~ * *, TMP, LOG and others. You can extract some of the found files in the list to be deleted. You can also apply search filters by checking or unchecking individual formats.

During the search, the app allows you to track where it has reached using a percentage line. And at the end of the scan, it displays statistics on how many objects were found, how many of them were deleted, and how many were scanned in total. Overall, the design and navigation of the HDCleaner are extremely well designed.

License: Freeware.

What New in HDCleaner 2.0.27

-Added Slovenian language translated Jadran Rudec
-Updated ShutDown and Boot Information
– Added Auto Start Impact
-Optimized speed
-Bug fixes
-GUI improvements

Official page


HDCleaner 2.0.27 2.006 (9.54 MB)

HDCleaner 2.0.27 Portable for Windows 32-bit (4.33 MB)

HDCleaner 2.0.27 Portable for Windows 64-bit (6.36 MB)

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