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Hotspot Shield 12.7.5 Premium – VPN for Windows and Android

Between your laptop and the wireless router, Hotspot Shield builds a virtual private network (VPN). Using a VPN, you may ensure complete anonymity while using public Wi-Fi networks.

Hotspot Shield

Snoopers and hackers can’t see your email, instant messages, credit card information, or anything else you send over a wireless network since this tunnel is completely impermeable. This means that you will be able to maintain your anonymity and privacy.

Hackers could be getting their hands on your passwords and credit card numbers while you’re sipping on your Joe. And you won’t be able to protect yourself with normal anti-virus software. As a result, AnchorFree is happy to provide the Hotspot Shield VPN service.

The latest VPN technology is used by Hotspot Shield, which is free to download and use. At home or business, this software protects your Internet connection from hackers and snoops.

Features of Hotspot Shield

Unblock websites with Hotspot Shield VPN

Through the use of this VPN, you’ll be able to access blocked content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your network administrator’s filters and firewalls don’t have to stop you from accessing the material you want whenever and wherever you want.

Surfing the web anonymously. You may prefer to access the Internet anonymously because of privacy and security concerns. Encryption between your machine and our servers allows you to conduct your online activities without being monitored or spied upon.
Don’t let anyone know what your Internet protocol (IP) address is. People on the Internet are constantly being harassed by spammers, eavesdroppers, and hackers. They spy on your internet activities and take your private information without your knowledge. When you least expect it, information like credit card numbers and passwords might appear out of nowhere. You obtain a new IP address if you use Hotspot Shield to connect. Your IP address is hidden, allowing you to browse the web anonymously.

Web surfing that is safe and private. A virtual private network (VPN) can increase your online security. Passwords, bank transactions, and instant messages are all protected and encrypted when using Hotspot Shield VPN. Your personal information is protected from web spies as well.

WiFi protection. Public WiFi hotspots, like Starbucks, allow anyone with access to the network to monitor and snoop on what you do online. Regardless of where you connect from, a personal VPN encrypts your web surfing session and protects your private data.

Anti-virus software. If you visit a site that has malware, Hotspot Shield VPN will notify you and subsequently ban the site. Your device is protected from over 3.5 million harmful and spamming websites thanks to this app.

iPhone and Android data reduction. The online content that flows through our private servers is compressed using Hotspot Shield VPN technology. You can obtain twice as much stuff for the same bandwidth cost. In countries like Switzerland and Japan, where data roaming prices are high, the savings can be substantial. You may also keep track of the amount of data saved throughout each browser session by using this tool.

Download Hotspot Shield

Size: 20.6 MB

Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

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