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Infix PDF Editor 7.6.4

Infix PDF Editor 7.6.4

Infix PDF Editor is a universal program for fast and convenient editing and formatting of text (even if it is formatted in several columns), for manipulating graphics, images and pages in any PDF file.

With the help of Infix PDF Editor it is possible to change brochures and newsletters, technical manuals, reports and others in which the PDF format is used, without the need for the original fonts and documents that were used in their compilation.

Infix PDF Editor has a powerful built-in text search and replacement feature, as well as headers and footers on all pages at the same time.

The program edits the text directly in the PDF file and can automatically transfer the text in paragraphs, columns and pages.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Infix PDF Editor 7.6.4:

  • z4435 – Fixed possible crash on XLIFF export when processing a PDF that had already been edited
  • z4432 – Fixed possible crash during auto-translation
  • z4431 – Improved rendering of JPeg2000 format images
  • z4420 – Improved rendering of masked images
  • Improved formation of lines and paragraphs of Chinese text
  • Improved layout during Auto-translation from Latin languages ​​to Chinese
  • z4325 – Auto-translation usage dialog box was broken. Now displays correct values
  • z4414 – Fixed problem with auto-translation which could leave parts of the page untranslated
  • Removed various redundant file from MacOS install which appeared to trigger false virus alerts with some Mac virus scanners
  • z4396 – Signatures with umlauts in their name can’t be deleted

Official page
Download: Infix PDF Editor 7.6.4 (166 MB)

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