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KoolMoves 10.0.8

KoolMoves 10.0.8

KoolMoves is a program for creating web animations, with which you can make spectacular flash movies. With it you can create animated text effects, animated banners, interactive menus, games and much more. The program includes ready-made text effects, images and buttons, scripts and templates for sites, all combined with an easy and user-friendly interface.

Now almost every site has spectacular animations that attract and entertain users. Flash animation has become a standard that everyone is trying to follow and looking for means to create such effects. One of the programs for this purpose is KoolMoves.

Both professionals and inexperienced users can work with KoolMoves. It has many effects, animation options, amazing color gamuts large enough features to make your site an attractive stop for the Internet user.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Changes in KoolMoves 10.0.8:

  • Added Drag and Drop property to Properties window for shapes with vertices, images, and movie clips (put text and multiple shapes, if desired, in a movie clip) (Html5 export).
  • Added three more examples to Script Example Library (Finger painting, Sparkles, and Drag and drop) (Html5 export).
  • Added messages when using the Flash GUI informing the user that Flash will not be supported after end of year.
  • Added Cut / Copy / Paste icons to Javascript editor (Html5 export). I believe they were there at one time and were removed.
  • Added ability to make movie clip programmable (must have been an oversight) (Html5 export).
  • Fixed a Flash export morphing issue involving shape scaling (SWF export).
  • Fixed non-ascii characters in exported file names / paths (Html5 export).

Official page
Download: KoolMoves 10.0.8 (13.2 MB)

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