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Mageia 8

Mageia is a free French Linux distribution that emerged as a branch of Mandriva in September 2010. by former employees and collaborators of the original project. It is currently being developed by over 100 people around the world.

Mageia is the distribution that maintains continuity with the original Mandriva to the greatest extent. The appearance (in the KDE version) is almost unchanged. The Control Center, which in Mageia is called MCC (Mageia Control Center), is preserved. With it you can easily and quickly set up the system in graphical mode.

To have access to all the necessary programs, you need to add additional storage. In Mageia, this is done simply by going to the Control Center (MCC) → “Installation and Update Sources” and clicking the “Add” button.

Sources are added automatically, you just need to check them.

The improvements compared to Mandriva are significant and this is evident in the ever-increasing popularity of this distribution. License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: Mageia 8 (4.12 GB)

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