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Download Microinvest Delta Pro v1.01.070

Microinvest Delta Pro is a new generation accounting system that combines three important factors for success in any business – speed, convenience, functionality. It is possible to process a large amount of information, which makes the program suitable for both small and medium and large companies that process multiple operations daily.

Microinvest Delta Pro is intuitive – built-in controls support the work of an experienced accountant and minimize the percentage of accounting errors. The preserved line of Microinvest software products – working with an unlimited number of companies, without additional payment, allows the new accounting system to be successfully implemented not only in individual companies, but also in accounting and financial houses.

What distinguishes Microinvest Delta Pro from ordinary accounting systems:

  • Multifunctional window for accounting, allowing simultaneous accounting of operations and analysis of accounts;
  • Module for foreign currency accounts and revaluation, which automatically performs labor-intensive work on currency revaluation;
  • Unlimited possibilities for editing, which achieves comprehensive control over the input of information;
  • Chart of accounts with five levels of sub-analytical, sufficient for the most diverse activities;
  • Ability to create opening balances by partners and by documents, to achieve absolute accuracy of accounting information.
  • Powerful and intuitive tool for automatic closing of balances by partners, both in BGN and in foreign currency.
  • Creating templates for frequently used operations to achieve maximum speed when entering information;
  • Innovative module with depreciation, allowing the review and adjustment of the created depreciation plan before recording;
  • Possibility to create VAT diaries and export the necessary files to the NRA system;
  • Flexible accounting reports with the ability to filter by levels and additional processing of the result;
  • Export of all reports to MS Excel
  • Stable work in a network and on the Internet, which allows the input of information in a database of several remote workstations simultaneously;
  • Compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit
    License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Microinvest Delta Pro 1.01.070:

• Optimization has been made in the module VAT logs, declaration and VIES, menu References. New report added Advanced VAT Logs, Parameters panel, processing, field Report type. By exporting the report to MS Excel, additional data for account number, account date, note and second note are displayed;
• Optimization has been made when filling in column 8a – Type of goods in VAT Delivery logs under Art. 163a of the VAT Act. Reference menu → VAT logs, declaration and VIES;
• A new logic has been added – recovery of requests for posting of the monthly depreciation of YES, after physical deletion of the postings from the list of accounts receivable. New requests can be tracked and posted via the menu Operations → Posting Requests;
• Optimization has been made in the module Fixed assets, menu Operations after physical deletion and re-posting of depreciation for an asset. The following changes are reflected in the asset data:
• Accrued Depreciation field – the amount is recalculated according to the amount of the account (s);
• In detailed data for SAP, button Detail – display information for the months for which there are no entries in the list of accounts receivable;
• Optimization has been made in a formula in Income and Expenditure Statement, Revenues, item 4. Other revenues, including – revenues from financing, menu Edit → Administration → Editing of reports and balance sheet;
• A new Expense Account field has been added in the VAT Protocols window, etc. The field is active for the following operations: VOP, EC Service and Delivery under Art. 163a of the VAT Act and a selected VAT operation – Received deliveries under Art. 82 and without the right to DC;
• A message has been added in case of a missing account in the Expense Account field, in the VAT Protocols window, etc .;
• Optimization has been done when importing data from an XML file. Added IBAN check to existing partner when importing operations;
• Optimization has been done when importing data from an Excel file. Added IBAN check to existing partner when importing operations;
• Added new IBAN column in Sheet Operations in model.xls file, C: Program Files (x86) MicroinvestDelta ProExternalData;
• A visual change has been made to the Help menu and shortcuts bar. The Microinvest Community module has been removed;
• Added a new setting View date and time in reports, menu Other → Settings → Basic settings;
• Added the ability to display the date and time in reports. The visualization is performed with the setting Display of date and time in reports enabled, menu Other → Settings → Basic settings;

Official page
Download: Microinvest Delta Pro 1.01.070 Windows 32-bit (385 MB)
Download: Microinvest Delta Pro 1.01.070 Windows 64-bit (404 MB)

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