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Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.063

Microinvest Warehouse Pro is a flexible system for managing stocks and cash flows of companies. The program allows to control all processes related to the management of production and trade.

With Microinvest Warehouse Pro you can evaluate the achievements of your business through detailed reports and statistical reports. Simultaneously with the program, full monitoring of the activities of the staff is carried out by registering each action and operation performed by him.

Microinvest Composition Pro Light 3.07.075

The system allows you to track at any time the amount of stocks used and to plan the necessary costs. Microinvest Warehouse Pro knows the needs of your company and gives advice on future purchases and orders.

Vladovsoft Warehouse 10.1.0

The system can be extended with various applications, which make it an excellent choice for different areas of activity.

License: Paid (Shareware).

What’s New in Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.063:

1. New Graphical reports have been added:
– Analysis by objects
– User analysis
– Analysis by groups of goods
– Distribution of sales over time
– VAT and Turnover
– VAT Balance
– Last 10 operations (Value)
– Last 10 operations (count)
– Available to-in
– Top 10 of goods
– Turnover
2. Optimization of most of the reports:
– Grouped sales by goods: filter by catalog
– Availability as of date with sale and delivery price: filter type reference (standard and with sign) and filter by quantity
– Balance of goods by days: filter type of goods
– Goods by objects: filter type of goods
– Availability by location: product type filter
– Availability in initial and final period: filter type of goods
– Invoiced and uninvoiced quantities of goods: filter type of goods
– Turnover statement: filter type of goods
– Turnover statement of sales prices: filter type of goods
– References – Movement of goods: filter type of goods
– New report in Report Manager – Sales by amounts for four periods
– New report in Report Manager – Report for Microinvest Control Pro
– A new reference in the Reference Manager – References A and B – is visible only in Russia
3. Optimization of the export to the Auditor file
4. Optimization in determining the types of payments when loading the last type
5. Optimization when recalculating the delivery price in recipes
6. Optimization when editing recipes
7. Optimization when switching between price rules with arrows
8. Optimization upon receipt of a permanent remark for the Revision operation
9. Optimization in the invoicing window and check box for issuing a receipt
10. Optimization when connecting to the database – message in the absence of the connection
11. Optimization when creating a new site and empty value in the delivery price of goods
12. Optimization when creating a new database with nomenclatures: timeout is increased to 30 minutes
13. Optimization for grouping by note and batch in production operation
14. Optimization of the request for data retrieval in MS Access database in the payment window
15. Optimization of the function for optimized recalculation of quantities in the warehouse in MySQL
16. Optimization in recalculation of quantities in the warehouse – without goods of type “Service”
17. Optimization when adding goods and receiving a permanent remark
18. Added new OSS operation – Extended Credit Notice
19. Added new OSS operation – Advanced Reversal
20. Added verification of invalid values ​​in the Direct Production operation
21. Added ability to search for IBAN partners
22. Added change of focus when paying in Trade Screen
23. Added new functionality for importing bank payments
24. A new Encoding Georgia has been added
25. Update the connection with MS Excel (xlsgen) to
26. A new Azerbaijani language has been added
27. Update to DeviceManager.dll
28. Added the ability to identify a product with a catalog when importing operations from Excel
29. Correction of 80 mm invoice – exchanged VAT numbers
30. Correction in case of an error for closing the information window with a hidden start help panel
31. Correction of a sorting error in the window for selection of goods, partners
32. Correction when changing the date when editing the document – do not add time
33. The application of access rights for AxisCloud has been added
34. Added option for grouping when printing when issuing invoices – Romania
35. Correction of the formula for calculating VAT on excise goods – Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
36. Added support for marked goods – Ukraine
37. Added support for marked goods (milk) – Russia
38. The Marked Commodity option is visible to Ukraine
39. Two new Crystal Documents (CLD) have been added – Russia

Official page

Download: Microinvest Warehouse Pro 3.07.063 (337 MB)

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