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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.6.2 Build 33723.286

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2022 will be quicker, more accessible, and lighter, catering to beginners and those developing industrial-scale solutions. Visual Studio will be 64-bit for the first time. The user experience will be more streamlined, intelligent, and action-driven.

The geographical dispersion of development teams has increased more than before. Over the past year, it has been clear that enterprises want development teams to work securely, provide solutions faster, and consistently increase end-user happiness and value. We’re making collaboration more straightforward with improved GitHub integration, making the transition from concept to code to the cloud easy.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.0.1

Visual Studio 2022 will be a 64-bit program, with the primary devenv.exe process no longer restricted to 4GB of memory. Without running out of memory, you can access, modify, execute, and debug even the most extensive and most complicated projects using a 64-bit Visual Studio on Windows.

While Visual Studio is now 64-bit, this does not affect the types or bitness of the apps you create with it. The Studio will remain an excellent tool for developing 32-bit applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code: Build ASP.NET and Node Applications

Visual Studio 2022 Designing for everyone

Microsoft is updating the user interface to help you stay in the flow. Several adjustments are aesthetic, modernizing the user interface or reducing clutter. In general, we strive to minimize complexity and cognitive burden so that you can concentrate and remain in the zone. Additionally, making Visual Studio more accessible benefits everyone — the next edition of Visual Studio will contain the following:

  • Icons have been updated to improve their clarity, readability, and contrast.
  • Cascadia Code is a new fixed-width typeface with enhanced readability and support for ligatures. (If you’re interested, you may test Cascadia Code right now!
    Product themes have been refreshed and updated.
  • Integrating with Accessibility Insights enables early detection of accessibility problems — before they reach your end customers.


We realize how crucial it is to customize your IDE just as much as your work chair from developer to developer.

We must have everything “exactly perfect” before being most productive. It will be simpler than ever to tailor Visual Studio 2022 to your specific needs, from the ability to configure various features of the IDE to synchronizing settings across devices for developers who manage numerous development environments.

Creating contemporary applications

Visual Studio 2022 will streamline the process of developing contemporary, cloud-based apps on Azure.

We’ll get you started by providing a fine selection of repositories that illustrate typical patterns seen in modern applications. These repositories include opinionated code demonstrating these patterns in action, infrastructure-as-code assets for provisioning Azure resources, and pre-built GitHub workflows and actions that automatically configure a comprehensive CI/CD solution when you start a new project. Additionally, the repository will establish the needed development environment, allowing you to begin coding and debugging immediately.


Visual Studio 2022 will have complete support for.NET six and its unified architecture for web, client, and mobile applications for both Windows and Mac developers.

This contains the.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), which enables the development of cross-platform client applications for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Additionally, you may employ ASP.NET Blazor web technologies to create desktop applications via.NET MAUI.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use.NET Hot Reload to apply code changes to most app types, including web, desktop, and mobile, without restarting or losing the app’s state.


With new productivity features, C++20 tools, and IntelliSense, Visual Studio 2022 will have solid support for the C++ workload. The new C++20 language features facilitate the management of big codebases, and better diagnostics make it simpler to troubleshoot complex issues using templates and ideas.

Additionally, Microsoft is integrating support for CMake, Linux, and WSL to simplify the process of creating, editing, building, and debugging cross-platform applications. If you want to update to Visual Studio 2022 but are concerned about compatibility, the C++ runtime’s binary compatibility will simplify the process.

Visual Studio 2022 innovation at your fingertips
Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Confidence in debugging your apps is critical to your everyday routine. Visual Studio 2022 will include performance improvements to the core debugger and new features such as flame charts in the profiler for identifying hot paths more precisely, dependent breakpoints for more precise debugging, and integrated decompilation experiences that enable you to step through code that is not locally installed.

Collaboration in real-time

Live Share expands chances for collaboration, idea exchange, pair programming, and code review. In Visual Studio 2022, Live Share will have integrated text chat, allowing for brief discussions about your work without requiring you to switch contexts. You’ll be able to arrange repeating sessions that share the same connection, which simplifies cooperation with regular contacts. To improve Live Share support inside businesses, we’ll also add session policies that describe any collaboration-related compliance needs (e.g., should read/write terminals to be shareable?).

Perspectives and productivity

Visual Studio’s AI IntelliCode engine continues to improve at predicting your following action. Visual Studio 2022 will integrate your everyday routines more deeply, enabling you to take the appropriate action in the right location at the right time.

Collaboration that occurs asynchronously

Visual Studio 2022 will provide significant enhancements to its support for Git and GitHub. When you commit code, make pull requests, and merge branches, “my code becomes our code.” You’ll see a lot of built-in logic and checkpoints to assist you through the merging and review process swiftly, anticipating criticism from your colleagues that might hold things down.

Enhancements to the code search

Coding search is a critical component of the software development process. Developers use code to search for various purposes, including learning from others, exchanging code, measuring the effect of changes made during refactoring, identifying bugs, and reviewing modifications. Microsoft is dedicated to improving performance for all of these critical tasks in Visual Studio 2022 to increase your productivity. Additionally, you will be able to search outside of your loaded scope, allowing you to discover what you’re searching for regardless of the codebase or repository it resides.

An initial step and an essential guide to using VSCode can be found on the help pages of the Visual Studio.


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Visual Studio Professional 2022 17.6.2

Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 17.6.2

Visual Studio Community 2022 17.6.2

Visual Studio Professional 2022 17.2 Preview

Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 17.2 Preview

Visual Studio Community 2022 17.2 Preview

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