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MKVToolnix 55.0.0

MKVtoolnix is ​​a set of tools for creating and modifying MKV files. The application is comand-line based, but the Windows version has a graphical interface called the MKVmerge GUI.

There is an amazing list of supported input formats. Although this application is more for advanced users, anyone can use it to perform basic tasks. For example, when you add a video file, MKVtoolnix will return you how many parts the file contains. For example, for an XVID clip, it returns the XVID video part and the AC3 audio part. When you are ready to convert files to MKV, just click the Start muxing button at the bottom of the page.

This free program has options for subtitles, video, audio and format-specific settings. In short, MKVtoolnix can offer a lot of functionality, but when it comes to video files, you can really appreciate its capabilities.

MKVToolnix is ​​a package of tools for working with the Matroska container format (MKA and MKV) and more precisely collecting individual streams (video, audio, subtitles, etc.) in the appropriate format and splitting an MKA / MKV file into its constituent streams. The program offers full use of the Matroska format: embedding more than one stream for video, audio and subtitles, embedding fonts and other files, splitting, creating so-called chapters and more.

License: Free GPL.

Whats New in MKVToolnix 55.0.0:

## Bug fixes

* all programs, only on Windows: fixed checking existence of & creatingdirectories with UNC paths such as ` serversharefolderfile.mkv`. Fixes# 3041.* all programs, only on Windows: implemented several workarounds for bugs in`std :: filesystem` wrt. UNC paths. The effect of those bugs was that Blu-raysand DVDs could not be added from UNC paths. Fixes # 3037.* mkvmerge, only on Windows: fixed non-ASCII characters getting mangled in thedestination file name when splitting is active.* MKVToolNix GUI, only on Windows: fixed the GUI hanging when trying to browsefor files on drives that don’t actually exist. Fixes # 3046.* MKVToolNix GUI, only on Windows: the GUI did not remember UNC paths as the“Most recently used source directory” properly.* MKVToolNix GUI: only on Windows: when dragging & dropping files from otherapplications to MKVToolNix GUI the GUI will force the drop action to be acopy action, no matter which keys were pressed by the users. This preventsWindows Explorer from deleting the dragged file when the user presses shiftwhile dropping the file onto MKVToolNix GUI.* MKVToolNix GUI, only on Windows: when using the file dialog for selecting afile name to save to (eg when browsing for the destination file name inthe multiplexer or saving an attachment in the header editor) non-ASCIIcharacters in the default file name were mangled. Fixes # 3049.* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the user can now configure what to do whenusing the “Add source files” button independently of the setting for whathappens when files are dragged & dropped onto the GUI. The same options areavailable, but they’re distinct settings, allowing for different usecases. Fixes # 3035.* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: deriving the track language from file namesdoesn’t use one big regular expression of all enabled languagesanymore. Instead, the file name is split into parts on a list of characters(such as `.` or` (`and`) `; configurable in the preferences). This preventsthe regular expression becoming too big for the regular expression libraryto handle when many languages ​​are enabled. Fixes # 3048.* MKVToolNix GUI: preferences: the language lists for „deriving tracklanguages ​​”and“ enabling items by language ”always included all the ISO639-3 languages, even if those weren’t enabled in the “often-used languages”sir. Fixes # 3047.

## Other changes

* mkvmerge, MKVToolNix GUI multiplexer: the functionality for changing thelength of the NALU “size” field for AVC / H.264 and HEVC / H.265 tracks has beenremoved. The corresponding command-line option will continue to berecognized by mkvmerge as not to break existing third-party applications,but it won’t actually do anything.

Official page


Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 for Windows 32-bit (19.4 MB)

Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 for Windows 64-bit (19.5 MB)

Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 Portable for Windows 32-bit (17.1 MB)

Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 Portable for Windows 64-bit (17.9 MB)

Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 for Linux (44.2 MB)

Download: MKVToolnix 55.0.0 for MacOS (42.7 MB)

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