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NTLite 2024.5.9929 Final – Windows setup and customization tool

NTLite is the most advanced Windows setup and customization tool available. You may make changes to a current Windows installation or a yet-to-be-deployed image. NTLite enables you to uninstall Windows components that you no longer want or need.

You may also customize and integrate, speed up Windows deployment, and have everything ready for the next time. Installers, scripts, registry adjustments, and raw commands may be easily integrated. Provide a quiet switch and launch the program installer when the setup is complete.


All relevant alerts, pending modifications, and actions are shown on a single page for rapid evaluation before they are implemented. NTLite may collect a list of host machine hardware and utilize it in its functions.

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The interface is easy to use

They are built to emphasize the simplicity of use, so you may concentrate on the more essential aspects of customizing options. Dynamic menus, a simple picture mount overview, single-file settings, and many other features help you get more done.

Live install modifications

With a live edit mode, you may make changes to previously installed Windows without reinstalling it. Run NTLite on it, alter it as if it were an image, and reboot if required for immediate effects.

Component Removal

Reduce the amount of RAM and storage disc memory used by Windows. Remove the components of your choosing protected by compatible safety procedures, allowing you to discover that sweet spot faster.

Hardware Targeting

A hardware target checklist is a handy tool. Before making any changes, you may check for missing drivers on the subsequent deployment. When creating an image, you may target another computer while attempting to keep the deployment size to a minimum.

Integration of drivers, updates, and language packs

Integrate a single or several drivers, updates, or language packages quickly and easily. Intelligent sorting is included in the package integration. It allows you to add packages for integration smoothly, and the program will apply them in the correct sequence, ensuring hotfix compatibility.


You may easily adjust numerous Windows settings on your live installation or an image. Configure Windows Features in advance.

Set up Unattended

Support for the Windows Unattended feature puts several regularly used settings on a single screen for quick setup. When multiple-choice choices are supplied with valid entries, there is no need to type. The current Host machine data may be used to populate all of the fields, allowing for quick setup.


Size: 18.9 MB

NTLite x86

NTLite x64

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