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EmEditor Professional 24.1.2 – Flexible Text Editor

Emurasoft EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that is quick, lightweight, flexible, and simple to use. There are native 64-bit and 32-bit versions available. Furthermore, EmEditor takes advantage of CPU optimizations such as multithreading and SIMD technologies such as AVX-512 and AVX-2 to increase the performance of opening extremely big files, Find/Replace/Filter, parsing CSV, different Sort, Delete Duplicate Lines, and other operations.

EmEditor Professional

Text editors like EmEditor, which support Unicode and let programmers write in a variety of languages, provide a lot of features.

EmEditor colors the syntax of many programming languages, including ASP, C ++, C #, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Tex (LaTeX), VBScript and Windows Script. EmEditor offers drag & drop capabilities; search and replacement; menu modeling, etc.

License: Paid (Shareware).

EmEditor Professional Features


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Configurations
  • Multiple Selection Editing
  • Compare Documents
  • Regular Expressions

Large File Support

  • Easily handle files up to 16 TB
  • Large File Controller
  • Split/Combine Files
  • Sort Optimized for Large Files
  • Multithreaded Performance

User Experience

  • Customizable Interface
  • Tabbed Design
  • Quick Launch
  • Workspace Memory
  • Markers


  • Plug-in Support
  • Powerful, Scriptable Macros
  • Integration with External Tools
  • Intuitive Outline Display


  • Windows 10 Compatibility
  • Unicode Support
  • Portability Options
  • Multiple Encoding Conversions
  • Fast 64-bit build

More Features of EmEditor:


  • CSV
  • Nested CSV
  • Filter Bar
  • Tooltip to Show HTML/XML Character References
  • Binary Editing
  • Bracket/Quotation Mark Auto-Complete
  • Narrowing
  • Drag and Drop
  • Spell checker
  • Numbering
  • Clipboard History


  • Bookmarks
  • Quick Start
  • Error Handler and Crash Recovery
  • Messaging (plug-in)
  • Wildcard Support
  • Pin to List
  • Save to Protected Folder
  • Grab Text


  • Matching Tag Highlight


  • Find and Replace
  • Batch Replace


  • Status Window
  • Full-Screen View

EmEditor has won over 24 international awards, including the Shareware Industry Award in the Best Apps category. It has also earned Windows 10 certification from Microsoft.

EmEditor is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit builds. As you can see from the examples on right, the 64-bit build runs as much as 16% to 74% faster than the 32-bit build when dealing with very large files. If you use 64-bit Windows, the 64-bit build of EmEditor is absolutely recommended!

What’s New in EmEditor Professional Final:

New General Features

  • Added an ability to do partial matches (Key1 contains Key2,, Key1 begins with Key2, and Key1 ends with Key2) and split string matches on the Join CSV command.
  • Added functionality to append (rather than replace) a filter to the Filter with Selection or Word at Cursor, Filter without Selection or Word at Cursor,, Filter in Column, and Filter Out in Column commands while pressing the SHIFT key.
  • Added the file position at the cursor to the dialog box displayed on the Character Code Value command.
  • Added the Combine Lines command, which is useful for “Nested” CSV operations, along with the Split Column and Join CSV commands.
  • Greatly improved the speed of opening very large files in Binary (Hexadecimal View), the Batch Replace in Files, and Join CSV commands by using multi-threaded code.

New Options

  • Added the Conditions drop-down list box, Separator text box, and Limit splits check box and text box to the Join CSV dialog box.
  • Added the Combine Lines dialog box.
  • Added the Columns list box to the Split Column dialog box.
  • Added the Import and Export buttons back to Batch Find / Replace (in Files) dialog boxes, and added the > button to show the context menu to Batch Find / Replace (in Files) and Advanced Filter dialog boxes. Removed the Add and Delete buttons from Batch Find / Replace (in Files) dialog boxes.
  • Added the File Position at Cursor check box to the Status list in the Status page of the Customize dialog box.

Official page


Size: 21.8 MB

EmEditor Trial for Windows 64-bit

EmEditor Trial for Windows 32-bit

EmEditor Portable for Windows 64-bit

EmEditor Portable for Windows 32-bit

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