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O&O SafeErase 18.4 Build 611 Professional

Keeping your personal information safe is crucial in today’s digital world. O&O SafeErase 18 offers a powerful solution to permanently delete sensitive data from your hard drive, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Why Use O&O SafeErase 18?

O&O SafeErase 18.4 Build 611 Professional
  • Ultimate Data Protection: Deleted files are gone for good, preventing hackers and data thieves from recovering them.
  • Peace of Mind When Selling or Donating Your Computer: Completely erase all data, including files, settings, and applications, so no one can access your information.
  • Protect Your Identity: Securely delete financial records, company information, and private files to safeguard yourself from identity theft.

Simple and Secure File Deletion

O&O SafeErase 18 makes deleting confidential data a breeze. With a single click, you can permanently erase files, folders, and even entire partitions.

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Here’s what you can delete:

  • Old emails and Internet history
  • File cache
  • Financial records
  • Company information
  • Private documents
  • The entire computer (including the system partition)
  • Internet traces and temporary program files

Multiple Deletion Methods for Maximum Security

O&O SafeErase 18 provides six different deletion methods to choose from, each offering varying levels of security. These methods overwrite the deleted data with random patterns, making it virtually impossible to recover.

Additional Features

  • SolidErase: This feature is specifically designed for Solid State Drives (SSDs) to ensure secure and efficient data deletion.
  • Analysis Tool: Identify and eliminate data that may have been previously deleted but remains vulnerable.
  • Detailed Reports: Get confirmation and proof of your data deletion process.

O&O SafeErase 18 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to ensure their sensitive data is permanently deleted and their privacy is protected.


Download O&O SafeErase

Size – 30 MB

SafeErase 18.4 Build 611 Pro Update 64-bit

O&O SafeErase 18.3 Build 610 Pro Trial 64-Bit

O&O SafeErase 18.4 Build 611 Server Update 64-bit

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