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Password Depot 15.1.6

Password Depot is an extremely convenient and easy to use password manager. Not only can you use it to quickly and easily sort your passwords, it also offers a high level of security by encrypting the password file using the blowfish algorithm. It is possible to automatically enter the password on the site, thus saving you the time for manual entry. It also has a built-in random password generator.

Password Depot is a comprehensive tool for managing all your passwords. It uses the latest security algorithms, such as BlowFish and Rijndael, to encrypt files with your personal passwords. The program uses the shredding method, which allows you to completely delete the created files from the disk whenever you want.

An additional feature is to protect the password list from editing. Can create random, secure passwords.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Password Depot 15.1.6:

  • Fixed an error when updating web icons in the database.
  • Fixed a problem with freezing application while adding entries from browser add-ons.
  • Improved loading and saving databases on WebDAV servers.
  • Various other minor fixes and user interface improvements.

Official page
Download: Password Depot 15.1.6 for Windows 32-bit (19.3 MB)
Download: Password Depot 15.1.6 for Windows 64-bit (21.4 MB)

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