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1Password 7.6.791

1Password is an excellent solution for fast and secure use of passwords for user accounts, credit card data and other confidential information.

In the age of the Internet, virtually everyone has an account somewhere, makes electronic payments, records important data in digital form and more. Using the same password does not provide the necessary security, and when using many passwords, some of them may be forgotten.

The program 1Password was specially designed for this: it is possible to create unique and difficult passwords for each site or account, which the program remembers and then automatically puts them in the right place. Cloud synchronization is used to record information.

Features of 1Password: password recording, credit card details, personal information and notes, automatic submission of passwords to sites, automatic entry of credit card details, adding frequently used words and phrases.
License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in 1Password 7.6.791:


  • Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. OPW-4926
  • Our QR code (2FA) scanner is now more responsive and works on more complex multi-monitor setups that would sometimes lead to an out of memory error. OPW-4923
  • Initial sync performance has been improved for large 1Password accounts. OPW-! 2396, OPW-! 2401
  • Reduced memory consumption when uploading large files. OPW-4937
  • Updated to the latest authentication APIs for the 1Password service. OPW-4932, OPW-! 2390
  • 1Password will automatically migrate the metadata version (version 1) of Document items to version 2 when it detects older versions. OPW-! 2393
  • Updated our diagnostics report to include the latest vault version metadata to troubleshoot sync issues. OPW-4927


  • 1Password would show “Subscribed” instead of “Trial” in the Accounts menu when the account was in trial mode. OPW-4929
  • Selecting an item that was not a Login item in 1Password mini didn’t always open the item’s details in the main 1Password window. OPW-4924
  • 1Password would show expiring items as expired at the beginning of the month instead of the end of the month. OPW-4928
  • Clarified a confusing message when disabling folder sync for a standalone vault. OPW-4912

Official page
Download: 1Password 7.6.791 for Windows (10.3 MB)
Download: 1Password for Mac (51.5 MB)

Download: 1Password for iOS
Download: 1Password for Android

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