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PDF24 Creator v10.0.9

PDF24 Creator is a handy utility for creating PDF files or converting PDF files to multiple file formats. The PDF24 Creator installer installs a PDF printer called “pdf24”. You can use this printer in windows like any other printer.

After printing a document on pdf24, the PDF file will be created automatically and a wizard will open. Here you can save, view or edit the PDF file.

PDF24 Creator contains a PDF editor that you can use to combine several PDFs into one, split a PDF, extract pages from a PDF, copy one or more pages from one PDF to another, and set document properties such as title and author , encrypt PDF files and prevent unauthorized printing, convert documents such as Word, Excel or images to PDF.

The integrated explorer facilitates the processing of PDF documents. Previewing each PDF gives you a quick overview and helps you edit it. There is also a built-in PDF viewer to view PDF documents.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in PDF24 Creator 10.0.9:

Toolbox: Sign PDF tool now has separate options for stroke and fill color

The Sign PDF tool now has a line and fill color option in the toolbar. This is sometimes required for some signatures to completely change the color of the signature, as the automatic detection of the combined color tool sometimes does not work as expected.

Toolbox: Sign PDF tool scales large signatures better when inserting them

Inserting large signatures was ugly from the user’s point of view, as it was tedious to scale them down to the desired size. It’s better now. The signature is inserted a little smaller if it is very large, so that it is easier to move it to the right place and to change the size.

Toolbox: Blacken PDF tool renders edited pages for security

Previously, the information from the blackening was placed on the page as a layer. With PDF editing tools it was too easy to get rid of this layer. In order to increase security, edited pages are now also rendered to an image and the actual content of the page is replaced with the image. In this way, you can no longer remove layers to make the content below visible. This makes the PDF a bit larger, but this is the only way to guarantee security.

Toolbox: Backspace button navigation disabled

Users have reported that the backspace key can be used to go back to the overview page. If you now eg edited a PDF and used the backspace key, then you leave the edit page, which is really ugly. This issue has now also been improved.

Official page

Download: PDF24 Creator 10.0.9 (121 MB)

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