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PingPlotter 5.19.4

PingPlotter is one of the most powerful programs for diagnosing IP networks. The standard tracert command mainly uses ICMP packets, which can be disabled by the firewall or the host may simply not respond to them, while PingPlotter can trace not only via ICMP, but also using TCP and UDP packets.

PingPlotter clearly shows where exactly there is a delay and is able to monitor a particular host, as well as take various automated actions if it is unavailable.

PingPlotter is especially useful when you need to fix network connection problems and delays in online gaming, e-banking, voice and video over IP, and more.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in PingPlotter 5.19.4

Fixed a Common Language Runtime error impacting some users.

Official page


Download: PingPlotter 5.19.2 (20.4 MB)

Download: PingPlotter 5.19.4 (20.4 MB)

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