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Firemin is a program that eliminates memory leaks when using the FireFox browser. Often when using the Mozilla browser takes up a large amount of RAM, which in some cases exceeds 1 GB. This is very unsatisfactory for many users, as the problem is solved by the Firemin application.

The main goal of Firemin is to optimize the use of RAM by FireFox. The Firemin Optimizer uses the secure EmptyWorkingSet API features, which help the browser consume significantly less memory.

Using this feature may cause a slight delay in FireFox operation, which is within milliseconds and does not interfere with operation. Also, Firemin optimizes the browser database.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Firemin

  • Added: High resolution icon (256x256px).
  • Updated: Japanese translation.
  • Updated: Optimized browser Safe Mode detection.
  • Fixed: Incorrect default values.
  • Fixed: Main windows not being able to close.
  • Fixed: Workarounds added to alleviate slow downs on Windows 10 1809 and later.

Official page


Download: Firemin (2.97 MB)
Download: Firemin Portable (2.46 MB)

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