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Download Prey v1.9.9

Prey is a free application that aims to help you find your desktop or laptop computer if it is stolen. The program sends periodic reports on the computer’s location, including its general condition, a list of running programs, active network connections, detailed information about the local and Wi-Fi network, a photo of the desktop and even a photo of the thief if the system has a webcam .

Prey can also create a list of computer hardware or lock it completely and require a password.

If the thief connects to the Internet, the program will show the location of the laptop, and if your laptop has a camera, it will capture the criminal and the screen.

Prey usually works in stealth mode. In the event of a theft, you activate it and it starts looking for an active wireless internet point to send the data it has collected to the email.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in Prey 1.9.9:

  • Fix unlock for macOS BigSur and Windows 7 # 489 (javo)

Official page
Download: Prey 1.9.9 for Windows 32-bit (26.2 MB)
Download: Prey 1.9.9 for Windows 64-bit (27.7 MB)
Download: Prey 1.9.9 for Linux (24.8 MB)
Download: Prey 1.9.9 for MacOS (23.5 MB)

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