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PSPad v5.0.5.567

PSPad is a powerful and free text editor for programmers that can edit multiple documents simultaneously; there are no restrictions on the size of the processed files; has a built-in FTP client through which you can edit files directly while they are on the web server.

Can write, store and load macros; compares texts and colors differences; specializes in working with HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MS-Dos, Perl, C ++, SQL, ASP, Python and others. languages; there is an option to color the syntax of program codes in different colors; completing started commands; full-featured HEX editor; converts HTML code from / to CSS, XML, XHTML; has an integrated CSS editor (TopStyle Lite); compresses and formats program codes; exports to Pascal, INI, HTML, XML, PHP, etc. PSPad has a spell checker, built-in web browser and more.

With PSPad Editor, you can open and edit many documents at once (supports tabs), has a built-in FTP-client, through which you can edit files directly while on the web server, can compare texts and color differences.

The product has a multilingual interface (in Bulgarian, English, German, Czech, Slovenian, Hungarian, Italian, etc.), help file. License: Freeware.

Whats New in PSPad

  • Ruby – in-string section support # …, variable highlighting
  • Insert with keep cursor function keeps inserted text selection
  • Tcl / Tk highlighter extended of new keywords from new version
  • Stability improvements
  • Autocomplete – removed brackets
  • Save file without file change (Shift + Ctrl + S) allows to set time difference. Usage eg for synchronized folders. Difference (in seconds) is added to existing File time. Parameter is in Program settings / Direct edit as SaveFileTimeShift variable, value (positive number) is in seconds.
  • PSPad remembers last used tab from left panel
  • Automatic corrections (menu Settings / Spell settings) – new option – Maintain char case.
  • Automatic corrections (Menu Settings / Spell settings) maintain case of correction if option enabled. Eg if defined dt = document, then Dt will be replaced to Document, DT to DOCUMENT
  • PowerShel 5.1 – new user highlighter definition including code clips
  • Edit favorite link – for each edit new button with variable list was added instead of right mouse
  • Select inside brackets works for and too
  • Added basic application version analytics. In program settings / Program 2 you can switch it off, there is info showing what data are send. It’s simple HTTP request only, you can cach it and check it. No sensitive information are sent, only one time request.
  • Delete libraries libSoftMeter.dll and libSoftMeter64.dll, they arn’t used
  • Autosave files when close PSPad – new option in Program settings / Backup
  • Autocomplete – if you are editing inside word, autocomplete replaces word instead insert autocomplete string to cursor position
  • Code explorer – selected item is preserved after file save or file reload
  • Own editor font usage without to have install it – put your TTF files into subfolder .Fonts. Included fonts: Liberation Mono, Fira Code
  • Autocomplete uses same font like editor
  • Autocomplete includes ” or ‘()’ in the list
  • PSPad remembers selected text between sessions
  • Mark all selection occurences (find word at cursor, dblclick on the word end, ()
  • Styles – open / close larger amount of files caused exception
  • Paragraph reformat lefts space on the begin of line when previous line ends with some chars like „)“
  • Fixed start with relative path to PSpad.exe, if PSpad was already riunning. Eg ..pspad.exe “some file”. In this case PSPad opens PSPad binary itself
  • Program settings – problem with change color scheme followed Apply and OK button
  • PSPad start with parameter if PSPad already runs opens another empty editor
  • Windows Shell script highlighter – highlight of call another script with parameters
  • Splitted editor window – mouse wheel doesn’t scroll editor under cursor
  • FileTabs was not visible after project load
  • Child (editor) Windows isn’t
  • Clipboard problem (delete, paste) and cursor position
  • Close to tray – there were no file names on the pad after restore
  • Problem with multiple play macro containing clipboard manipulation
  • Handled exception when reading proxy server information from registry
  • XML Code explorer – CDATA caused broken structure in some cases
  • Autocomplete – sometimes replaced more text
  • Windows Shell script – small fixes
  • File tab color without Theme service enabled
  • Project panel – on the 4k display the folder names were shortened
  • Project load

Official page

Download: PSPad (8.21 MB)

Download: PSPad Portable (9.00 MB)

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