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R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6309

R-Drive Image stands out as a superior backup and disaster recovery solution, ensuring that you never suffer the consequences of a catastrophic system failure. This powerful tool empowers you to create precise disk image files with ease, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your data in the event of an operating system crash, virus attack, or hardware failure.

R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6309

Crafting a disk image with R-Drive Image means you’re making a replica of your hard drive, partition, or logical disk—preserving every single byte. What’s more, it offers seamless on-the-fly compression, allowing you to maintain your workflow uninterrupted because there’s no need to halt Windows OS.

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Store your robust drive image files in a multitude of secure locations, from various removable media options like CD-R(W)/DVD to Iomega Zip or Jazz disks. With R-Drive Image, restoring your images to the original disks, different partitions, or even directly on the free space of a hard drive is done with unparalleled ease.

For businesses requiring uniformity across systems, R-Drive Image is a godsend. Once you’ve set up a single system, use R-Drive Image to craft a master copy and deploy it across countless other computers, slashing both the time and expense usually associated with mass system deployments.

Should the need arise to recover specific files, merely mount the disk image as a virtual disk. You can then effortlessly transfer the needed files using Windows Explorer or your preferred file utility, optimizing recovery operations without the need for full restorations. R-Drive Image isn’t just a tool—it’s your steadfast ally in data protection and system management.

R-Drive Image Features

  • Network support in the startup version. R-Drive Image startup version supports disk image file creation and restoration over the Microsoft network (CIFS protocol).
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 support in the startup version. It is an ideal (fast and reliable) solution for storing backup files for the system and other partitions in the startup version.
  • An image file can be connected as a read-only virtual disk. Such disk can be browsed through and files/folders can be found and copied.
  • Extended List of the supported devices in the startup version. The list of hardware supported by R-Drive Image startup versions has been extended. VIEW THE LIST
  • Individual files and folders restoration. Individual files and folders rather than the entire disk can be restored either during the restoring action or from an image file connected as a virtual disk.
  • Image files splitting. You can split drive images into several files to fit a storage medium.
  • Image Protection. Protect the disk image files with password and add comments.
  • New partition creation. Restore data from a disk image on a free (unpartitioned) space on any place on a hard drive. Also you can change the size of the restored partition.
  • Partition replacement. You can restore data from a disk image on other existing partitions. R-Drive Image deletes such partitions and restores data on that free space.
  • Disk to Disk copy. You can directly copy an entire disk on another one.
  • Image file verification. You may check if your image files are good before you store them or restore data from them.
  • Scheduler. You can schedule a time for disk image creation and run the process in unattended mode.
  • On-the-fly actions: Image files are created on the fly, no need to stop and restart Windows. All other disk writes are stored in a cache until the image is created.
  • Removable media support. Image files you can store on removable media.
  • A simple wizard interface – no in-depth computer management skills are required.
  • Startup version. Use a startup version to image/restore / copy partitions locked by the OS.
  • Support for the ReFS file system (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft has introduced in its Windows 2012 Server. Supports all disk actions, except partition resizing.
  • Full support for the GPT partitioning layout. R-Drive Image can create GPT disks, resize them, and change their partition layout during copy/restore operations.
  • Action Report. When disk image is successfully created or the action fails the report can be automatically sent over e-mail or an external application can be launched.
  • Support for Windows Storage Spaces (Windows 8/8.1 and 10), Linux Logical Volume Manager volumes, and MacRAIDs.

Download R-Drive Image

Size: 113 MB

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