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KMPlayer – Great Media Player

KMPlayer is a free and capable music and video player that supports a broad variety of codecs and file types. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Aside from that, it has complete VCD / DVD capability as well. The software enables you to extend its capabilities via the use of plugins, and it also includes audio and video codecs that are pre-installed.

KM Player

KMPlayer is a great multimedia player that supports a large number of formats, including VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime, and others. The program has built-in decoders and codecs, as well as a variety of audio effects filters, and skins.

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KMPlayer has practically all of the necessary decoders to playback media. In addition, external decoders, such as commercial H.264 decoders or CyberLink audio decoders, may be provided to get around the restriction of internal decoders.

Finally, KMP is most effective when it is customized by the user. It has a variety of audio and visual effects, including the ability to slow or speed up playback at will using a standard tone. A strong A-B repeat may be performed as well as portions of a video can be selected as favorites. There are several more features available as well, such as dynamic skin switching based on the kind of media being played and remapping the remote HTPC interface’s keyboard keys.

It enables you to record voice and video, as well as screen capture and other features. It’s worth mentioning that the ability to deal directly with the contents of picture files and standard archives is also available (.zip and .rar). Its design makes it possible to integrate a wide range of external filters. There are many configuration choices available with KMPlayer, and it is free!

License: Free (Adware).

KMPlayer Features

  • Already equipped with integrated Codec + replay environment
  • Supports replay of damaged (While sending online) AVI File
  • Supports a variety of different kinds of media equipment
  • Supports multiple audio streams
  • Supports many different kinds of output devices
  • A variety of subtitle functions Image processing function
  • Supports low and high specifications
  • Supports skin function
  • A variety of speech processing function
  • Supports Winamp (Visualization) plug-in
  • ASF/ASX, RTSP, etc. real-time broadcast viewing function(e-sky broadcasting)
  • Frequency analysis and wavy pattern output function when playing music
  • Supports live equipment like TV, Camera
  • Supports DVD
  • Strong, stopped image capture function
  • Video capture function
  • Wallpaper viewing function
  • Easy to use OSC (On Screen Control)
  • Image resizing function
  • A variety of input, and output color face function
  • Executable using only one file

Whats New in KMPlayer

  • Increase your Money, KMPlex! You can get Free Coins!
  • Improvement of URL download function
  • Improved URL playback function

Official page


Size: 47.3 MB

KMPlayer for Windows

KMPlayer 2024.2.22.14 for Windows x64

KMPlayer for macOS

KMPlayer for Android

KM Player VR-360 for Android

KMPlayer for iOS

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