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Sandboxie 5.64.3 Classic / Plus 1.9.3

Sandboxie is a virtualization program. It aims to isolate the applications you run through it, redirecting all files, keys and other traces they leave to a controlled and separate area and thus prevent possible changes and even damage to your system.

Sandboxie Plus

The main and most common Sandboxie-isolated programs are Internet browsers, but you can run any program in an isolated environment. This way, the programs can’t harm your computer, and when you stop them, all traces of them are deleted.

Sandboxie increases the level of security when surfing the Internet.

The program allows you to launch a browser or other application so that all changes related to the use of the application are saved in the so-called sandbox. This allows you to easily restore the original configuration if the settings are changed during the internet session.

License: Freeware.

What’s New in Sandboxie 5.55.20 / Sandboxie Plus 1.0.20


  • fixed issue with video playback in firefox introduced in the previouse build
  • fixed BSOD issue with driver
  • fixed issue with editing start restriction entries
  • fixed issue with netwirk options tab
  • fixed portable mode issue when runnign sandman as admin

Official page

Size: 2.09 MB


Sandboxie 5.64.3 Final for Windows 32-bit (2.10 MB)

Sandboxie 5.64.3 Final for Windows 64-bit (2.65 MB)

Sandboxie 1.9.3 Plus for Windows 32-bit (14.8 MB)

Sandboxie 1.9.3 Plus for Windows 64-bit (17.0 MB)

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