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Secret Disk 2021.06

Secret Disk 2021.06

Secret Disk creates an additional disk on your computer that is invisible and accessible after entering the correct password. You may have several such discs.

Secret Disk creates additional local disks that can be hidden from prying eyes with a password.

The program interface is intuitive and easy to use. When trying to access secret disk options, you must enter a password. The disk itself, the files and folders in it can be password protected.

When the Secret Disk is open, you can set it to visible or invisible. In addition, you can set the disk to open when Windows starts.

Secret Disk consumes little system resources – CPU and RAM. It has a fast response time and does not cause problems with the operating system.

The free version of the program supports only one hidden disk. The developer also offers a Pro version with advanced functionality.

Secret Disk does not encrypt the files and folders that are in it, but simply restricts access to them.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Secret Disk 2021.06:

– Added Polish translation.
– Added Arabic translation (partial).
– Improved Italian translation.

Official page

Download: Secret Disk 2021.06 (2.26 MB)

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