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Directory Opus 12.25 Final

Directory Opus 12.25 Final

Directory Opus is a powerful file manager with a Windows Explorer-style interface. It combines many functions, including a powerful FTP client, archive support, viewing of all types of multimedia and graphic files, Multitasking, a fully customizable interface, panels, hot keys, built-in command language to automate operations, support on skins and many others.

Directory Opus is an alternative to Windows File Manager and Explorer. On the one hand, the program offers more convenience for new users and, on the other hand, more functionality for the experienced.

As a file manager, the application provides a list of files and allows users to perform a variety of actions with them – move between folders, backup, view images, play audio and video, delete, etc.

Directory Opus is also a full-fledged replacement for Windows Explorer and a number of utilities for working with FTP, ZIP, browsing files and images, and more.

The application features a user-friendly interface and a fully configurable environment.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Directory Opus 12.25 Final

Official page

Download: Directory Opus 12.25 Final (37.8 MB)

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