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SecureFX 9.1.0 Final

SecureFX is a great FTP client, and very convenient. Its interface is similar to Windows Explorer, with 2 windows – for the local directory and for the remote server.

In addition to the mandatory ability to save multiple accounts, restore interrupted transfers (even if the program has been closed), SecureFX has a lot of extras. Starting with the automatic recognition of the type of transfer needed for a file, firewall support, CuteFTP database support (so you can import your accounts), and ending with server-to-server transfers.

SecureFX is an encrypted file transfer client with extensive configuration and transfer protocol configuration options.

SecureFX includes a command line utility for transferring SSH files. SecureFX also supports download and restore mode in case of disconnection.

* SSH2 support
* Authorization of the user both in interactive mode and through public keys (RSA, DSA)
* Extended support for X.509 hot keys
* Support for SSH2 SFTP, FTP over SSH2 and FTP via SSL (TLS)
* Ability to work from the command line
* Support for a large number of FTP servers running MVS, VMS, NT, Unix, etc.
* Synchronization of local and remote directory
* All connections are located in one window and do not load the desktop
* Support download mode

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in SecureFX 9.1.0 Final

Official page

Download: SecureFX 9.1.0 Final

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