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Shotcut 21.08.29

Shotcut is a powerful cross-platform video editor that can edit and convert video files in a variety of formats.

One of the main features of Shotcut is the mixing of videos with different resolution and different frame rates.

Videos can be placed on a common timeline by simply dragging and dropping, and then making any changes – adjusting the audio, adjusting the colors and white balance, using filters for color saturation or detail. the video.

All changes can be undone and repeated many times. The Shotcut interface is very user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Shotcut 21.08.29:

  • Added Speed parameter to the Timer video filter.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to switch between the stock layouts: Alt+1 through 6.
  • Added Import button to Playlist. (Thanks, @hbtalha!)
  • Added an Apply button next to Properties> Speed to improve workflow when using mouse wheel.
  • Fixed playback may hang when playing different Playlist items (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed alpha presets in Export (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed a possible crash when changing Settings> Preview Scaling (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed a possible crash when using Crop: Source and Size, Position & Rotate filters on the same clip (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed Size, Position & Rotate filters not reloading (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed reloading Keyframes for a filter on Output (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed changing Properties> Color Range for a clip in the Source player (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed playhead moves to the beginning of the Timeline when dragging an image from Source (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed a proxy may be used instead of the original when dropping from file manager to Timeline (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed Fade In / Out he Timeline may add filters in wrong order (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed a crash trying to make thumbnail for an invalid playlist item when loading a project (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed Playlist> Play After Open not working (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed missing proxies not generated for an opened project when Settings> Proxy> Use Proxy turned on (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed File> Export EDL creates empty file (broke in v21.05.01).
  • Fixed Center bias in Crop: Source filter.
  • Fixed a crash using Mask: From File and Size, Position & Rotate filters on the same color clip.
  • Fixed the Export> H.264 High Profile preset was producing main profile on NVIDIA.
  • Fixed a crash when using Paste after a File> Close or File> New.
  • Fixed a Project name with a slash is accepted but fails.
  • Fixed a possible crash when changing Settings> Theme.
  • Fixed Mask: Simple Shape moves when deleting all keyframes: no longer allowed to delete the last keyframe; use the keyframe toggle button in the parameters area of Filters.
  • Fixed maintaining the image center when reset Size, Position & Rotate> Zoom.
  • Improved using the mouse wheel to zoom in Size, Position & Rotate filter.
  • Improved the range of the new Zoom keyframe values when keyframes are changed or removed.
  • Fixed custom Export preset may load with incorrect frame rate.
  • Fixed Playlist> Replace may replaced with timeline and appear as and cause a crash if the Project player it active.
  • Fixed inconsistent handling of keyframes when splitting a trimming a clip.
  • Fixed high CPU usage and a long wait after multiple Stabilize analysis jobs.
  • Fixed a crash when a Stabilize analysis (.stab) file fails to open.
  • Fixed a crash when Stabilize> Accuracy is 9 or higher.
  • Fixed remembering the last-opened folder when choosing Properties> Video> Custom… for a transition with video filter Mask: From File> File> Custom….

Official page

Download: Shotcut 21.08.29 for Windows 64-bit (73.9 MB)

Download: Shotcut 21.08.29 Portable for Windows 64-bit (96.6 MB)

Download: Shotcut 21.08.29 for Linux (71.4 MB)

Download: Shotcut 21.08.29 for MacOS (90.3 MB)

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