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Signal 7.5.1 – Free Secure Messenger

The signal is a popular messaging service that offers end-to-end encryption for instant messaging, voice, and video calls. With Signal, users can send text, voice notes, images, videos, and other files, one-to-one or in a group chat. Developed by the non-profit Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC, the application is free and open-source and works across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Signal 7.5.1 - Free Secure Messenger

Although the official Android app uses Google Play Services, it is designed to work without them. To use Signal on a desktop, users must register with an iOS or Android device. Signal uses mobile phone numbers as identifiers, and end-to-end encryption secure all communications. The software includes mechanisms that allow users to verify their contacts’ identities and the data channel’s integrity.

Users can register with any mobile telephone number, including VoIP or landline numbers if they receive a verification code and have a separate device to set up the software. Each number can only be registered on one mobile device at a time, and account registration requires an iOS or Android device.

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Overall, Signal is a highly secure messaging service that ensures the privacy and security of all communications. Its cross-platform availability and open-source nature make it a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to mainstream messaging apps.

Signal Features

Share Without Insecurity

State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) keeps your conversations secure. Nobody can’t read your messages or listen to your calls, even the developers of this app. Privacy isn’t an optional mode – it’s just how the app works.

Say Anything

Share text, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs and files for free. Signal uses your phone’s data connection to avoid SMS and MMS fees.

Speak Freely

Make crystal-clear voice and video calls to people across town or the ocean with no long-distance charges.

Make Privacy Stick

Add a new layer of expression to your conversations with encrypted stickers. You can also create and share your sticker packs.

Get Together with Groups

Group chats make staying connected to your family, friends, and coworkers easy.

No ads. No trackers.

The application has no ads, affiliate marketers, or creepy tracking. So focus on sharing the moments with the people who matter to you.

What’s New in Signal 6.18.0

  • Use the “Navigate by section” keyboard shortcuts (⌘/Ctrl+T & ⌘/Ctrl+F6) to move between different app areas quickly. It’s like a – superhero version of the Tab key that can fly further and faster than its mild-mannered alter ego.
  • We added support for optional message sounds so you can also hear notifications for sent and received messages while a chat is – open (Settings > Notifications).
  • Jump to the latest unread message in a chat (⌘/Ctrl+J) without touching the mouse or helping the touchpad live up to its name.
  • Updated icons give the app a fresh look and help improve legibility.
  • There’s a new “Copy text” option in the triple-dot menu.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, 11
  • macOS 10.13 and above.
  • iOS 13 and higher
  • Android 5.0 and higher


Size: 106 MB

Signal Desktop for Windows
Signal Desktop for macOS
Signal for Android
Signal for iPhone

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