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SunsetScreen 1.39

SunsetScreen is a program that can help your eyes not get tired so much when working with a computer.

SunsetScreen 1.39

With the help of SunsetScreen it is possible to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the monitor in such a way that they are most suitable for the respective time of day.

It is possible to create several color profiles, which can be changed automatically or manually with the gradual onset of night or bright day. There are also ready-made presets, already set for day and night operation.

SunsetScreen can be set to automatically change the color temperature and brightness with the onset of sunset in such a way that the sunset outside coincides with the “sunset” in the monitor, and this mode seriously protects the eyes.
License: Freeware.

Changes in SunsetScreen 1.36:

  • Updated to latest version for peer sharing system, if used and agreed upon by user (not applicable for paid version)

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SunsetScreen 1.39 (662 KB)

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