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EMDB 5.09

EMDB 4.14

EMDB is a free program for organizing your film collection.

EMDB can take information from the online IMDB database and automatically add information about the film’s original name, director, year, rating, artists, and much more.

IMDB allows the input of the genre, codec used, resolution, format, and other technical data of the film. If you do not want the automatic input of the Internet, you can create your catalog of movies with your rating.

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IMDB can scan hard disks, after which the technical information for each movie is saved in different fields of the program.

IMDB has a search engine for the catalogs it creates and offers to export its database in various formats (CSV, TXT, or HTML), which is convenient for sharing information about movies with friends and acquaintances and creating common collections of movies.

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It is offered to sort the films by different attributes.

License: Freeware.

What’s New in EMDB 4.14

  • System: Logging is stored when importing from hard disk and batch updating.
  • IMDb Import: Storyline can now be imported in the local language (if available at IMDb). You need to set the language of your choice on the Data sources options page.
  • IMDb Import: Genres are now taken from the bottom part of the screen, a more complete list than the ones listed at the top.
  • Hard Disk: Take, The and, The ‘postfixes into account when using file names to query IMDb / TMDb.
  • HTML Export: Don’t add HTML when browsing for destination. Default is still My Documents EMDB HTML.
  • CSV Import: fixed importing EAN / UPC codes.
  • User Interface: Back button in the cast screen was not disabled when you were on the first page.
  • TV Series: When adding TV series from a removable drive, the episodes could not be assigned if USB Drive labels were enabled.
  • User Interface: Manual changes were reset when changing genres in the Add / Edit screen.
  • TheMovieDb Import: overridden genres were set when the original value matched.
  • Database: Added Mongolian and Tamil as possible options for spoken languages, subtitle languages, and audio streams.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Swedish and Dutch translations.

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EMDB 5.09 (5.41 MB)

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