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TeamTalk 5.8.1 Final

TeamTalk is designed for real-time online conferencing. TeamTalk is ideal for holding meetings in enterprises, such as between employees located in remote departments or buildings.

TeamTalk supports video and voice connection through any microphones and cameras. Secure sessions with information security are supported.

TeamTalk supports the exchange of text messages, as well as the division of users into groups with different rights and allows the exchange of files between them.

TeamTalk has an extensive codec library that is installed on the system along with the main program.

The application supports the recording of all conferences on disk and uses servers that can be located both on the local network and on the Internet, thanks to which communication is maintained on the World Wide Web.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in TeamTalk 5.8.1 Final:

  • Default QT Client

    • Create a folder in Sounds-folder to create your own Sound Pack
    • Ability to delete items from Stream Media File dialog
    • Ability to specify nickname for each server
    • Ability to force SAPI usage for Text-To-Speech events on Windows
    • New option in Display-tab to configure which events should be displayed in chat history
    • New option in Display-tab to automatically expand all channels in channels tree
    • Ctrl + Alt + S to quickly enable / disable Text-To-Speech
    • Ctrl + G now outputs Text-To-Speech information for selected user / channel
    • Ctrl + Alt + G to hear information on current channel
    • Ctrl + Shift + G to hear channel status
    • Reply “Yes” when ask for apply default accessibility settings now disable VU-Meter updates
    • Press Ctrl + C in online users dialog now copy user information to clipboard
    • Files-tab now has a context menu to download or delete selected file
    • In Files-tab, press enter on a file to download it
    • On MacOS, press enter on a channel in channels tree to join or leave the channel
    • Last modification date shown on user accounts
    • Upload time shown on files
    • Fixed default values ​​for “Transmit ready in“ No interruption ”channel” and “Transmit stopped in“ No interruption ”channel” sound events
    • Fixed Shift + Tab navigation issues in main window
    • Fixed missing accessible labels in main window
    • Fixed Croatian file missing for installed version
    • Fixed a case where enter should pressed twice in file combobox to play a file in stream media dialog
    • Fixed “View user information” from online users dialog
    • Fixed Home and End keys behavior on tab bars
    • Fixed CTRL + Alt + R to restore streaming permission when disabled
    • Fixed navigation using left key on columns of channels tree

  • Android Client

    • Option to disable sound and TTS event when sending a channel message
    • Upload time shown on files
    • Files updated sound played only in current channel
    • Fixed a case when not all TTS engines were available in Text-To-Speech selection screen
    • Support for Persian language

  • iOS Client

    • Ability to specify nickname for each server

  • Server

    • Support for SIGHUP to reload server configuration
    • Error reported if unable to save configuration file (tt5srv.xml)

Official page

Download: TeamTalk 5.8.1 Final for Windows (20.9 MB)

Download: TeamTalk 5.8.1 Final for MacOS (30.6 MB)

Download: TeamTalk 5.8.1 Final for other OSes

Download: TeamTalk for Android

Download: TeamTalk for iOS

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