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TeraCopy 3.6 Final

TeraCopy copies or moves files much faster than Windows. Offers pause and resume file transfers. In case of an error during the copy, make several attempts and in the worst case just skip the problem file, do not interrupt the whole transfer.

TeraCopy displays a list of each file copied, so if an error occurs, you can easily keep track of what’s not copied, then you can fix things and copy.

TeraCopy is a program made for copying and moving files and directories with the maximum possible speed. With its help you will be able to stop and continue copying even in case of errors and reboot of the system.

TeraCopy has many other useful features, although it is free and small in size.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in TeraCopy 3.6 Final:

  • Exclude specific files or folders.
  • Warn about FAT32 4GB file size limit.
  • Handle reparse points correctly.
  • Handle long paths (over 255 chars) correctly.
  • Warn when Explorer passes the cropped path to TeraCopy.
  • Context menu for menu items with long paths.
  • Check free space in the background.
  • A few UI fixes.

Official page
Download: TeraCopy 3.6 Final (7.56 MB)

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