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Audacious 4.1 Final

Recently, more and more programs, until recently known only to users of the Linux operating system, are beginning to be developed in versions for Windows. Such is the case with Audacious – one of the popular audio players for Linux. The program is extremely light and has an interface similar to Winamp under Windows or XMMS under Linux.

The application allows you to create playlists, play streaming audio, has an equalizer, supports plugins, visualizations, skins and much more.

It uses the GTK library and does not require installation under Windows. Supports skins for Winamp.
License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in Audacious 4.1 Final:

Qt interface fixes / updates:

  • When the menu bar is hidden, an “Audacious” icon is added to the toolbar, allowing menu access
  • A-to-B repeat is now available in the Playback menu and displayed in the time label
  • The time slider no longer becomes invisible when the window is made very small
  • Incorrect behavior of Shift-click selection in the playlist has been fixed (# 981)
  • The checkbox to “Show time scale for current song” in the info popup did nothing and has been removed (# 972)

Other fixes / updates:

  • A rare crash / freeze caused by a race condition in the ALSA output plugin has been fixed (# 965)
  • The EQ preset button in the Qt Winamp Classic interface now works (# 971)
  • The Qt Winamp Classic interface now has an option to stay on top of other windows (# 980)
  • The Song Info plugin now updates correctly when the title changes or playback stops

Other changes:

  • Due to frequent crashes, the Stream Tuner plugin is now disabled by default
  • Translations have been updated

Official page
Download: Audacious 4.1 for Windows (36.7 MB)
Download: Audacious 4.1 for Linux

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