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TidyTabs 1.18.2

TidyTabs adds tabs similar to those in Chrome in various applications that do not have tabs by default, such as Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, or Notepad.

TidyTabs 1.18.2

TidyTabs integrates well with supported operating systems and builds multi-tab functionality that looks like it’s built-in.

Most browsers have a tabbed interface. This allows multitasking, which makes our work quite simple. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to play the same feature for most Windows applications? TidyTabs is a free tab manager that allows you to add tabs to Windows programs.

You can easily choose which program has tabs and which does not. Two clicks are enough to add a program to the blacklist or to the whitelist. Each TidyTab function can be activated or deactivated via a simple configuration interface.

License: Free (Freemium).

Whats New in TidyTabs 1.18.1:

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Beyond Compare.
  • Fixed: A ‘&’ character in the tab title is interpreted as a directive to underscore the character that follows.
  • Fixed: Problem in the German translation.
  • Fixed: Process handles not always released, resulting in the accumulation of zombie processes.

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TidyTabs 1.18.2 (6.39 MB)

TidyTabs 1.18.2 Portable (5.74 MB)

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