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Tixati 2.78

Tixati is a powerful free client for the BitTorrent network, developed in versions for Windows and Linux.

The application is extremely unpretentious in terms of system resources. The program has a wide range of features and a nice intuitive interface with the ability to fully customize.

With it you will be able to limit download or upload speeds, view detailed information about each torrent individually, has a built-in RSS reader, supports DHT and PeerExchange and much more.
License: Freeware.

Changes in Tixati 2.78:

  • new Local Peers options in Settings> Transfers> Peers and also in Settings> Channels
  • new options in UI> Behavior> Notifications
  • option to show tray balloon on contact message
  • option to show full message or just a summary in tray balloon
  • individual contact right-click option to show tray balloon on incoming message
  • individual contact right-click option to flash tray icon on incoming message
  • eliminated online notification sound when adding an already-online contact
  • global channel message notification options to show tray balloon
  • individual per-channel message tray icon / balloon notification options
  • individual channel / contact / file notification option visibility enabled by default
  • several minor fixes to Channels classic view
  • fixed problem in transfer file move sequencing that could cause a stalled file operation
  • fixed problem with Move on Complete that could leave old files behind in rare circumstances
  • new Tooltips option dialog in Settings> UI> Behavior
  • option to hide main window status bar in Settings> UI> Widget Styles
  • option in Transfers layout menu to have only one fixed tab showing at bottom
  • fixed problems with persistence settings in Category properties
  • improved the RSS URL encoding cleaner to better deal with malformed URLs
  • fixed problem with HTTP proxy authentication
  • several minor initial program loading optimization
  • a larger range of window icon sizes is loaded for a better look in Alt-Tab views
  • in Windows builds, several important improvements to the main event loop, better thread priority control
  • fixed problem with multi-line tray balloon text formatting in Linux
  • fixed problem with initial shell association prompt default checkbox state
  • updated Windows uninstaller.exe to clean up .magnet file association
  • fixed minor problem in Windows installer with .magnet file association
  • eliminated minor icon display problems in Linux GTK build
  • no more redundant peer id changes in transfer event log
  • other minor sizing and proportioning adjustments throughout the GUI
  • updated IP location tables

Official page
Download: Tixati 2.78 for Windows 32-bit (14.7 MB)
Download: Tixati 2.78 for Windows 64-bit (14.7 MB)
Download: Tixati 2.78 Portable (57.0 MB)
Download: Tixati 2.78 for Linux

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Tixati 2.78

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