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VirtualBox 6.1.34 Build 150636 Final

Virtual Box is a program that allows you to virtualize and use various operating systems such as: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, DOS / Windows 3.x, Linux, OpenBSD and Mac OS.


The virtual machines you create are not inferior to the real ones. VirtualBox is characterized by easy installation, manipulation and convenient graphical interface.

VirtualBox creates a virtual environment in which you can install different operating systems, install and test programs, or in other words, you can do almost anything you do in your normal OS without worrying that you might damage something.

VirtualBox does not have all the features of similar programs, but instead has those that are not found in its competitors, such as starting the virtual machine remotely via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and iSCSI support.
License: Free (Open Source).

You can learn more about VirtualBox from our article VirtualBox – installation and operating instructions.

Whats New in VirtualBox 6.1.18 Final:

  • Nested VM: Fixed hangs when executing SMP nested-guests under certain conditions on Intel hosts (bug # 19315, # 19561)
  • OCI integration: Cloud Instance parameters parsing is improved on import (bug # 19156)
  • Network: UDP checksum offloading in e1000 no longer produces zero checksums (bug # 19930)
  • Network: Fixed Host-Only Ethernet Adapter DHCP, guest os can not get IP on host resume (bug # 19620)
  • NAT: Fixed mss parameter handing (bug # 15256)
  • macOS host: Multiple optimizations for BigSur
  • Audio: Fixed issues with audio playback after host goes to sleep (bug # 18594)
  • Documentation: Some content touch-up and table formatting fixes
  • Linux host and guest: Support kernel version 5.10 (bug # 20055)
  • Solaris host: Fix regression breaking VGA text mode since version 6.1.0
  • Guest Additions: Fixed a build failure affecting CentOS 8.2-2004 and later (bug # 20091)
  • Guest Additions: Fixed a build failure affecting Linux kernels 3.2.0 through 3.2.50 (bug # 20006)
  • Guest Additions: Fixed a VM segfault on copy with shared clipboard with X11 (bug # 19226)
  • Shared Folder: Fixed error with remounting on Linux guests

Official page


VirtualBox 6.1.34 Final for Windows (103 MB)

VirtualBox 6.1.34 Extension Pack

VirtualBox 6.1.18 Final for other OS

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